How to Support Mental Health at Work

Being an employer comes with many responsibilities, and the general wellbeing of your employees, in terms of both physical and mental health, is a very important one at that. For your employees, work is a huge part of their lives. Not only is it their source of income, but it’s also where they spend over […]


3 Key Differences Between Executive Search & Recruitment

When looking for a new hire, an organisation may require the services of either an executive search firm or a recruiter should they lack the resources they need themselves to do this, or they have attempted to hire previously and not found an adequate high-calibre candidate. The firm looking to hire will take into account […]


The Top Executive Search Trends

A lot can change in twelve months, particularly when there’s been a global pandemic that is still affecting us a year after it first began. With that being said, the changes the pandemic has brought to the world has undoubtedly affected all businesses, including recruitment. Initially hiring strategies adapted to the new world we were […]

What are the April IR35 Changes and What Do They Mean?

Designed to assess whether a contractor is a genuine contractor rather than a ‘disguised employee’, the IR35 is another name of the off payroll working rules and was developed for the purposes of paying tax. Whilst contractors who work through their limited company don’t get employee benefits like annual leave or sick pay, they do […]

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2021: Including Furloughed Employees

The obligation for businesses to publish their gender pay gap reports was suspended in 2020 due to COVID-19, however it is back on the agenda for 2021 with some slight changes. Given that around 1.2 million employers have furloughed employees in the last year, it’s likely that many would like to understand how this has […]

HSEQ Careers, gender pay, EDI

Improving career paths for women in HSEQ

For many years the health and safety industry has been a male dominated domain. Images of men, wearing hard hats, and clutching a clip boards came with the territory. But in recent times that stereo type has been challenged. There are more women than ever before in the industry, which is increasing the visibility of […]

rejecting candidates

Rejecting candidates isn’t easy, but it’s important.

Most of us have experienced rejection at some point in our lives. It’s not pleasant. When it happens it doesn’t feel like there’s an upside. It just feels personal and can hit us at our very core. It’s perhaps not much of a surprise then to discover that the experience of a rejection, activates the […]

What skills do top performing teams need?

There are few HR professionals or Recruitment Managers these days who don’t have a mandate to employ more diverse teams. Most of us know how easy it is to fall into the trap of gravitating towards ‘people like us’ and the negative impact it can have on teams responding to a global market place. A […]

unconscious bias

Is Implicit Bias Affecting your Recruitment Process?

Recently I’ve been writing about diversity and gender parity in the energy, infrastructure and supply chain sector.  As an organisation we firmly believe that recruitment processes and talent strategies for small and large organisations alike, must work hard to reduce discrimination and prejudice. So it was a surprise to me to find that I have […]