Experienced and technical talent on-demand, on-time and on-going.

At Douglas Stuart our Contract Team are geared up to responding to a market place that is diverse, challenging and changing. We know that your business has to anticipate recruitment needs in the long, medium and short term, and whether it’s a future project, or a sudden absence, we ensure that you always have access to the top talent.

Flexible solutions that integrate with your business

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing services allow us to fit seamlessly into your own HR function and mean you can respond swiftly to any large-scale, or time – pressured recruitment needs. We can step in at any stage of your resourcing cycle, augmenting your existing processes or taking on the entire enterprise through our Managed Service Provision practice. Either way, our experienced RPO team, focus their efforts on delivering a solution that is flexible and scalable; delivering lower costs and reducing-time-to-hire.

Facilitating faster, stronger candidate shortlists

With our globally integrated CRM system we provide a large, categorized, sector specific database, and we can source around the clock. All our candidates are fully screened and tested against skill ‘must haves’ and competencies, preventing needless duplication and reputational damage at interview stage.

Our turnaround is quick, typically submitting a shortlist of a minimum of two candidates within the first 24 hours. We manage salary expectations, ensuring they are in-line with the market and minimizing the risk of issues later on.

A dedicated team with sector specific knowledge

Our network of REC certified and in-house trained consultants recognize and deliver the best contract talent in the market. As industry specialists, we have fantastic personal networks at our disposal, alongside local intelligence and competitor mapping services. We have the latest salary information specific to locations and disciplines, and closely manage our candidates from identification, selection, and offer management, to on-boarding.

Supporting our clients and contractors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We have everything in place to make sure that no issue goes unresolved, and that all administrative and logistical details are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Our mobilization support team is at hand seven days a week and our globally recognized insurances, as well as local in country cover, provide all the assurance that you need. Any payroll or accounting matters are dealt with quickly and easily by our proactive Accounts Team.

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Supply Chain

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