How organisations respond to the profound changes taking place in the Energy Sector has never been more critical. Finding and retaining the right mix of people is a priority that needs time, investment and planning.

What are some of the critical talent pipeline challenges in the Energy Sector?

Lower oil price having differing effects on recruitment and retention across up, mid and downstream oil and gas, nuclear and renewables.
The need to reduce costs and improve efficiency in exploration and production.
Striking a balance between reduced headcount and retention of knowledge and skills needed for the future.
Stiff competition to hire talent in refining and petrochemical
The growth and new build activity within nuclear and renewables driving the need to recruit from outside the sector.
Drive for a more diverse workforce and senior leadership teams.


Our solutions respond to your biggest issues

Succession planning: For critical technical expertise and board members
Finding flexible working solutions: Taking advantage of the increased availability of talent through short term contracts
Understanding your target talent pool: Who are they, what motivates them and what they need from their next role?
Retaining key skills and essential workers: How to overcome the ‘brain drain’ threatening engineering, design, operations, maintenance and earth sciences
Future proofing: Anticipating the talent pipeline needs of growth sectors such as nuclear and renewables
Attracting the next generation: Attraction strategies that communicate effectively and promote your organisation with millennials and Generation Y.
Engagement via the right digital platforms: Energy Sector professionals no longer ‘search’ for jobs; they are ‘presented’ with them. The challenge is to find the right means of communications and ensure that your organisations’ voice and message is not being lost in the digital ‘crowd’.


We believe that the Energy Sector is too large and complex to have a one-size fits all approach. Our consultants are industry specialists who understand the unique challenges for Hiring Managers and HR professionals across the sector.

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