Executive Search

Our global search practice connects you with the best senior and technical talent.

We know the difficulties businesses face when it comes to recruiting high calibre talent. Time, cost, unwieldy processes and route to market, can all impact an organisation’s access to the people they want to hire, or their ability to find talent off the radar.

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At Douglas Stuart we offer a robust and result driven search practice that blends deep industry knowledge with best-in-class sourcing and short listing tools. We combine our global reach, innovative technologies and industry expertise, with some of the old fashioned stuff – listening, talking and engaging with people. It’s all about having a big picture view of the talent in the market, alongside a focused and personal approach. Here’s what we do:

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Hiring Talent that can make a difference to your business now.

All of our consultants are trained in competency based assessment and diversity in selection decisions. At point of hire you will know the skills, strengths and areas for development of each candidate as measured against your competency framework. Their productivity will be accelerated and you’ll be in the best position to build a diverse and dynamic company culture, and avoid the pitfalls of creating a homogenous workforce.

Sourcing Talent off the radar

Our global research team are trained in deep web mining and ethical headhunting techniques. We’re fast, specific, and bring you candidate shortlists that represent the best, not, easiest to find talent. In-house, it’s not always possible to dedicate the necessary man-hours to conduct the kind of exhaustive search we do at Douglas Stuart every day. We cover more ground and are close, physically, culturally and linguistically, to our candidates, giving us a head start when it comes to establishing rapport, and representing your organisation effectively. The screening decisions that we make are robust and timely, giving you greater yields from our headhunting service. Our up-to-date local bench marking means that we can manage salary expectations using current primary data, that is discipline and geographically specific, delivering a significant increase in accepted offers without having to skew your salary bandings.

A professional process that delivers cost saving

We work closely with you to make sure that the functional and behavioural competencies that you need are identified, prioritised and connected to the role and your leadership framework. By getting the focus right from the beginning, we can streamline and hone our sourcing effort - passing the cost-savings on to you.

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Our selection methodology is consistent and professional, always keeping your employer brand and corporate reputation front of mind. Securing commitment and buy-in from sought after talent as well as all internal stakeholders at the start, safeguards against requisition changes and last minute candidate ‘wobbles’. We also deliver regular and in-depth feedback to all our candidates, successful or not. In fact, because our shortlisted candidates have been measured using your competency framework, and because we rank our shortlist according to those competencies, both you and your successful hire can be much more assured of a good fit. The rigour of the process reduces cycle times and cost-per-hire as well as providing up-to-date and competency based job descriptions, relevant marketing collateral and detailed competitor and market intelligence for future use.

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Harnessing social media, talent pools and knowledge communities

Our researchers and consultants all have access to global alumni and society membership sites that have consistently proven to be fertile ground for sourcing high-calibre senior-level candidates and discipline experts. As industry specialists, we engage with our community on a daily basis to make sure we are at the fore-front of new developments, new thinking, and new knowledge. Talent isn’t static, neither are we.

Key benefits

Access to hard–to-find and diverse talent.
Reduced time-to-hire.
Reduced cost-per-hire.
Happy hiring managers.
Earlier productivity and improved retention.
Better business results

To discuss how Douglas Stuart can help in your next senior or technical search, please contact: search@douglas-stuart.com, or call +44 (0) 1625 914 100



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