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It’s been estimated that global trade in goods and services will rise more than threefold to $27 trillion by 2030 (The World Bank, 2007) thereby increasing, exponentially, the demands for skills and technological advancement in procurement and supply chain management. Today’s supply chains are characterized by complexity, unpredictability and disruption; the mobilization of products and services across multiple countries has altered the whole supplier to customer environment. From political unrest in the Middle East, the impact of natural disasters across the world, to the fallout from Brexit – there are challenges from every direction. The industry is expanding faster than the workforce is becoming qualified and it’s a problem across all sectors.

What are the critical areas of impact on the recruitment landscape?

Talent gap in High tech, analytics, robotics and engineering and all levels of middle management.
Lack of diversity in recruitment – making diversity measurable and quantifiable in the attraction, selection and development process will result in a much deeper talent pool.
Addressing and combating the image problem Organizations need to promote the ‘cool factor’ of supply chain today to Graduates and Millennials. In a recent study by the University of Tennessee, more than 90% of CEO’s questioned, acknowledged they needed to do a better job of managing and attracting supply chain talent.
The complex nature of Supply Chain yields a great diversity of job titles and the breadth of qualifications needed impacts the scope and success of selection processes. Sometimes finding high performing talent can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Identifying transferable skill sets from talent outside the industry is an effective way to capitalize on the untapped value in the market today. Skills like analytics, complex problem solving, project management which are in high demand within the industry are all easily transferred from other businesses.


We bring a broad talent perspective that helps narrow the skill gap.

As supply chain and procurement become increasingly automated and digitally enhanced it’s easy to forget the fundamentals – without people and processes you won’t get results. At Douglas Stuart we’re already finding solutions to some of these challenges with our clients, leveraging our industry knowledge, networks, links to education, training centres and global reach.

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