How to Support Mental Health at Work

Being an employer comes with many responsibilities, and the general wellbeing of your employees, in terms of both physical and mental health, is a very important one at that. For your employees, work is a huge part of their lives. Not only is it their source of income, but it’s also where they spend over a quarter of their entire week.

It’s very important that you as an employer can support your employee’s mental health. In fact, it’s known that good mental health in the workplace and good management go hand in hand and employers who address mental wellbeing at work have an increased productivity rate too.

Create a Supportive Environment

Mental health is much easier to hide than physical health, and you might not always know if somebody is struggling. By ensuring that your working environment has a safe space where your employees know that they can come to and talk, you’re showing them that their mental health and wellbeing are important to you. Making mental health a more open topic of conversation will help those struggling, feel less isolated and more willing to get help.

Make Adjustments

Mental health can affect someone’s everyday life very easily so in some cases, you need to be willing to adapt to the circumstances not only for the sake of your employee’s health, but also for your business. If their performance is starting to lack, it might be beneficial to you both to introduce rest days or working from home days where they can have time to rejuvenate. If someone was to have a physical injury, your organisation would have to adapt and it’s time that mental health is treated in the same way.

Have Relevant Training

Not everybody knows everything about mental health, and sometimes it can be a sensitive topic to understand. However, as an employer, you have more of a duty to know how to handle the situation. Through relevant training and understanding more about mental health issues in the workplace, you can ensure that your team are supported and that you’re following all the correct protocols.

We understand exactly what issues our clients are losing sleep over, and we’re here to help. If your organisation needs pointing in the right direction when it comes to training, get in touch with us today.