The Top Executive Search Trends


A lot can change in twelve months, particularly when there’s been a global pandemic that is still affecting us a year after it first began. With that being said, the changes the pandemic has brought to the world has undoubtedly affected all businesses, including recruitment.

Initially hiring strategies adapted to the new world we were living in however, it looks like the majority of these working practises are here to stay, as they continue to be a top trend in the executive search sector…

Social Network Recruitment

Finding, attracting and hiring skilled specialists with the right candidate information about them can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. With social media rising year on year, it’s no surprise that it’s now being used in the recruitment process to find the right people for the job. Social media is a great way to enhance network opportunities as well as engage directly with potential candidates. We can only expect social media recruiting processes to continue to rise and become a much more prominent feature in the everyday lives of recruiters and head-hunters.

Digital Search

It isn’t just social media that’s caused recruitment strategies to turn digital. With social distancing measures in place and previous ‘stay at home’ orders, the majority of the working world has turned digital in order to continue its processes and it’s no different for those in executive search. 95% of executive search practises used to be based on personal contact, assessments and interviews, all of which are now needing to be completed over video software like Zoom or Teams.

AI and Data

Artificial intelligence is no new concept, in fact it’s been pretty prominent for a number of years now and only continues to grow. However, when it comes to executive search, it’s now being used to support consultants within their roles. With a numerous amount of data being processed to inform hiring decisions, artificial intelligence and the technology that comes with it are a great aid.

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