The Benefits of Working with a Contractor

Over recent years, hiring contractors in sectors like the energy sector has become an increasingly popular choice for finding new talent.

Although some believe there to be concerns when using a contractor, hiring one for a particular project or work that needs completing can enrich your business and benefit it in a multitude of ways.


Contractors are far more independent and flexible than permanent employees and more often than not, it will be easier for you to source a contractor and change a contract as opposed to changing an entire permanent role within your organisation. As well as this, contractors don’t need a long notice period like employees do as they regularly switch between contracts, meaning you have less commitment to them too should things change.


Many people dismiss the idea of using a contractor, as it’s a common myth that they are expensive. However, in most cases, contractors can actually be more cost-effective and affordable for a project than an employee, as you aren’t paying for a permanent agreed salary, nor are you paying for sick pay, annual leave and other benefits. Contracts can be negotiated based on the level of work at hand too to fit around you and your costs.

Specialised Skills

Having a contractor at your fingertips provides you with a specialist skillset that fills the current gap in your organisation. With their role being much more focused, they are unlikely to be swayed to tasks outside of their job description, ultimately allowing projects to be completed quickly and efficiently.


Not only do contractors have a great set of skills, but they also have a breadth of knowledge and experience too, gaining a good insight into the different company cultures, processes, operations and structures as they work throughout different contracts. This experienced insight enables you to always be at the top of your game as they provide a new prospective to your organisation.

The best way to take on contractors is through a reputable recruitment and search business like us, as it saves you the time, resources and expertise needed to source the right person for the job. Here at Douglas Stuart, we are experts at what we do, so why look anywhere else?